Portrait personalized ballerina doll.

by pokotilotoys

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Photos submitted for the example, these doll was made to order.

This portrait ballerina doll is: 52 cm high (20.5 inch) .

This doll does not comply with these proportions of the human body.
She has longer legs, arms and body. This doll ballerina with light portrait likeness.

I can make any doll based on a photo or picture you send me (only face). Hair and hairstyle will be like in the photo.

I make this doll on standard templates.
You can choose the color of hair, jacket and skirt.
You can choose the fabric for clothing.

Clothing is not removable.

A handmade custom personalized doll made by a photo can be a perfect present to all the people you’d like to make happy.

Production time is about 2-3 weeks plus shipping.

If you have any questions, please contact me.
Thank you!♥