Gifts for Lovely Little People

Over the past years I had been a fashion designer making clothes for grown-ups until the day I realized this is not what I’m really excited about. After I’ve got a baby my world has changed, no time for clothes anymore… Little by little I’ve started to experiment with various fabrics and forms to create something special for my little daughter. My thoughts were on clothes in the beginning till the one day…
That day my daughter asked for a Boots doll (Dora’s companion from the Dora the Explorer cartoon) as a gift. But I couldn’t find one to buy! So, I decided to make it for her. She loved it! No other doll in her eyes are compared to that Boots. From that day on she would randomly ask for something new. And so began my adventures in creating fabric dolls and animals.

All the dolls are hand made by me. I start my dolls deciding on the basics of what fabrics I would like to use, all of which main colors I will use and what outfit style. Then I cut out the pieces and start to sew. I do most my sewing on my craft table with my little one playing nearby me. She gives me inspiration and my creations happen spontaneously. I love the part of the process when I flip the doll inside out to reveal the finished sewn product before she is stuffed.

Childhood is short and watching my daughter grows up, I try to give her the best I can surrounding her with things of quality and beauty.